Advanced Design Skills

Done a PDC?   Want to become a professional designer? This course is for people who are seriously interested in design and consulting, and also recommended for permaculture teachers, to learn the tricks of trade from one of permaculture’s leading designers and educators, Robyn Francis. In 4 intensive days you will learn how to draw up …

Slaves to Convenience or Conscious Consumer?

Robyn Francis writes on the art of being a conscious consumer to reduce your eco-footprint, save money and enjoy better health. Wendell Berry once said that it’s not an environmental crisis we face but a crisis of character. He was referring to the fact that the solution to the crises in our environment begins at …

What is permaculture?

Aerial photo of Djanbung Gardens

Permaculture is essentially about designing sustainable environments with the focus being on how we provide our needs in a way that works with nature’s processes and ecology. Based on the words Permanent (as in sustainable) and Culture (including agri-culture), Permaculture addresses all aspects of human culture, not only food production but how we build, how …

Developing Community Resilience & Facilitating Sustainable Change

Initiating and developing community gardens, transition towns and community sustainability programs is a people-oriented process that requires not only organisational skills but a diverse ‘tool kit’ for inclusive community facilitation. Permaculture College Australia specialises in training  community facilitators as effective agents of change.

Regenerative Aid and Building Resilience – Beyond Sustainability

Robyn Francis writes about the Permaculture approach to development and aid. The focus of permaculture working with communities in need, is to build resilience, empower people to solve their own problems, and to regenerate damaged environments to health and abundance.

PDC Hosted in Indigenous Village

  Another First for Permaculture in Tawian After successfully hosting the first Permaculture Design Course in Taiwan in 2008, Earth Passengers, an environment group based in Taipei, has forged ahead breaking new ground. This year’s PDC was the first to be hosted by and conducted in an Indigenous Taiwanese village community.

Infused herbal oils and ointments

Garden Apothecary – Make Your Own Infused Herbal Oils and Ointment with Robyn Francis There are numerous simple remedies and products for healthy living and eating that can be easily made at home with standard kitchen equipment equipment. The Garden Apothecary shares simple recipes, solutions and tips for low-impact natural living, starting with how to …