PDC Hosted in Indigenous Village

  Another First for Permaculture in Tawian After successfully hosting the first Permaculture Design Course in Taiwan in 2008, Earth Passengers, an environment group based in Taipei, has forged ahead breaking new ground. This year’s PDC was the first to be hosted by and conducted in an Indigenous Taiwanese village community.

Infused herbal oils and ointments

Garden Apothecary – Make Your Own Infused Herbal Oils and Ointment with Robyn Francis There are numerous simple remedies and products for healthy living and eating that can be easily made at home with standard kitchen equipment equipment. The Garden Apothecary shares simple recipes, solutions and tips for low-impact natural living, starting with how to …

Terra Preta…Jagabar Jagun… and a Carbon-Negative Future.

The term terra preta specifically applies to the Brazilian soils of the Amazon basin, where it was produced 5000 years ago, by an as yet uncertain agricultural process of ‘slash, burn and bury’ [1]. This formed “reefs”, for the micro-organisms to colonise, and also stored nutrients against leaching in the high rainfall.  Geoff Moxham writes…

Do Nothing, or as Little as Possible

Efficient, labour saving, low maintenance, user-friendly are catch-cries we hear all the time, yet how much unnecessary work do we create for ourselves, often without even being aware of it? Eliminating unnecessary work is intrinsic to good permaculture design.

IPC8 Brazil Report

The 8th International Permaculture Convergence in Brazil in May 2007was a resounding success. Permaculture practitioners and representatives from 42 countries– from Patagonia to Canada, from Canary Islands to Cambodia–attended to share their work and experience. The 3-day public conference was symbolically held in the green heart of Sao Paulo, the world’s third largest city. The …