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Johnny Evolution led a pack of keeners around Djanbung Gardens  on his Magical Soil Tour.


“We kicked off the year hear at Djanbung Gardens in mid February and were handed a space for student plots.

It was now time to start thinking about growing food after scratching my head for a while I realised that it helps to have soil to plant into.

This is were my adventure started I decided it could be a great idea to make some compost and started with clearing up an area and made a bay system to get some soil production happenning.

After I had the bays set up and got a couple of composts on the go, I was descovering diferent methods to apply to different conditions and circumstances.

Once I had been observing and interacting with the surrounding gardens and orchards I was witnessing miracles and restoration automatically happening around us.  After turning my composts a few times I realised there was a huge PARTY in the soil.

Now I know what I can do for Open Day –  I’ll just show people some the cool magical personality of soil then I’ll finish with a raging soil party in the student composting area.

So that’s what happened!

If you weren’t here, there was an epic shin-dig going down out the back of the student gardens:

  • There was the worms getting all squiggly and making worm juice cocktails in the wheel barrow
  • There were some gang wars of microorganisimal activity happening in the compost pile
  • The earth stewards were mingling keenly with all
  • whilst the earth worms were trying to chill below while the stewards were stomping and making a racket above.

The party ended quickly when alll the organisims involved heard that Phil was giving hot tips on how to store more beer in your fridge. 

If you would like a copy of “The Magic of Soil”  we have a link right below – click on it – it’s MAGIC

icon The Magic of soil and how you can be part of this magic – Johnny Evolution – Open Day 2012 (502.04 kB)

Thanks for partying – see ya in the garden

Johnny Evolution