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Urban Permaculture Projects in the Rainbow Region

We all know there is an increasing demand on the need for our cities and urban centres to focus more on producing their own food.


According to ABS statistics, 90% of the Australian population are living in these areas, where we are relying on mass monocultural agriculture to feed us.

Here are just a few short reasons why we need to think about growing our own food naturally and supporting local agriculture in urban areas…


  • For our health and wellbeing
  • To grow our food organically, which is not contaminated by pesticides and herbicides
  • To have access to the most nutritious food available
  • To reduce our dependency on fossil fuels- the transport of our food contributes to unnecessary green house gas emissions and therefore lessening our impact on climate change
  • To support local economies and encourage local jobs
  • To reconnect with Mother Nature

We need to get back to the days of growing our own food and supporting those in our neighbourhood who choose to provide food for us. We need to work together as a community to ensure our food security into the future.

Throughout the year, there has been an increase in initiatives such as these throughout the country with many local councils and grass roots initiatives being established to meet the need for urban food systems. Some of the things I have learnt about and been apart of this year in and around the beautiful Rainbow region. Come get involved, be inspired and help spread the Permaculture love.


    • Community Gardens


      • Balcony Gardens
      • Farmer’s Markets

      Lismore Organic Farmer’s Market

      • City Farms

      Northey Street City Farm

        • Co-operatives
        • Community Supported Agriculture

        Organic Farm Share

          • Backyards
          • Roof tops
          • Sustainable Streets

          Brunswick Heads
          South Golden Beach
          Cabarita Beach

            • Private enterprises

            Levity Gardens, Jarlanbah, Nimbin
            Organic Market Gardens

              • Poly culture market gardens
              • Local food cafes
              • Workshops
              • Seed Saving Networks
              • Transition Town movements
              • Kitchen Garden Programs in schools

              Tuntable Falls Primary School