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The Diploma of Permaculture Design issued by the Permaculture Institute is not an accredited qualification but simply an acknowledgement that you have practiced permaculture for a minimum of 2 years after completing a PDC. The Institute’s diploma is not a recognised qualification.

The APT Diploma of Permaculture is fully accredited by the AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework) under the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) and such is a nationally recognised qualification. AQF qualifications are also officially recognised in New Zealand, Canada, UK and most Asia-Pacific, African and Latin American countries. The Diploma of Permaculture requires achieving 10 units of competency, which have clearly defined knowledge and skills requirements. Being an AQF qualification means that full-time students can apply for Austudy. It is equivalent to a diploma issued by TAFE or other Registered Training Organisation.