Fun foraging frenzy

Well, you’ve not heard much from me since my wee secretary went ‘ome to Sco’land. She was a bonny lass and we miss her. And so many exciting things been happening here at the gardens, like Costa’s visit and the bamboo harvest and the arrival of a bunch of wee baby geese that have grown up so big and so fast, oh and a while back I had lots of fun rooting over a garden bed finding all the potatoes that got missed in the harvest.

I had a wonderful day yesterday after the big storm. Robyn came and asked me if I like to go a-foraging under the Nashi pear tree. She didn’t really need to ask, I’m always up for a forage run. A couple of moons back it was the white mulberries – oh they were sooo sweet, then the juicy Jaboticabas, and now it’s crunchy Nashi time. The storm blew a lot of fruit off the tree, what a bonanza. They were lying everywhere in the grass and under the chairs. I was beside myself with excitement gobbling them up, even the geese came over to see what all the fuss was about.


Polly foraging windfall nashi pears
Pigging out on Nashi pears — all over the ground

Then I caught a whiff of one of Mel’s yummy ferment drinks, fig water kefir, she was handing out to all the people standing around. I ran straight over to the table hoping to get some too, but they all freaked out and shooed me away. Then Robyn teased me with one of the kefir soaked figs, oh I was drooling. She held it just in front of my nose and and kept walking away so I had to chase it, all the way back to my pen, then she let me eat it – sheer bliss.

After all the excitement I had a nice wee nap until dinner time and Mel had one more special treat for me, icecream for dessert – I usually don’t get any dessert. She promised a few more little treats over the next few days ‘cos she’s defrosting the freezer. Yummmy, wonder what I’ll get tomorrow….

I’m still looking for a new secretary to write up my blogs, and of course I pay with lots of love and cuteness. I’ll see how I go recruiting one of the new students coming in next year.

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