Interesting Day @ Djanbung Gardens

Well, what an interesting day I’ve had today. Yesterday Mark & Sam cleared the weeds from around my pen and now  I’m able to see right over the gardens to the gazebo.  I seen the Wallaby’s this morning, they were cute. What a good view I’ve got from here now.

Miss T came past and said hello today, not seen her for a while and she’d brought tasty treats for me. Nuts from the local Organic store. When she walked past the second time she gave me an extra couple.

Oh another really interesting thing happened today, the new girl Miss L stopped by and had a chat…….in German. Well, this is cooool, I should ask her to teach me a few words. It might come in handy to learn German incase I go there one day.

Miss W came past and I tried to get her attention, pushing my water container about, splashing it. She laughed but didnt know what I was meaning. Lucky Mel came past and knew what I wanted. She turned the hose on my back, spraying me with cool water, that was bliss, so I lay on my back and wriggled in the mud for a while.


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