Polly Update #3 Overwhelming kindness and generosity

Polly Update Feb 2, 2017

Polly sends a big sloppy kiss, grateful grunts and happy tail wags to all the awesome caring people who’ve so generously donated to the Polly fund. Every contribution has been received with deep gratitude and appreciation.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and generosity from our local community and people from all around the world. You have restored our faith in human nature and kindness in these troubled times.

Polly continues to improve and appears to be recovering from the trauma. She’s been much more responsive over the past two weeks and has really appreciated the extra attention and treats she’s been lavished by her loving visitors.

We’ve had quite a few heatwaves lately and been giving her lots of cold showers with the hose to cool her down. She loves her showers, but not on her face. A friend dropped by a box of windfall mangos a few days ago – what a wonderful treat!

Still not quite her old self, but she’s much happier and healthier than a month or so ago. She continues to have antibiotics, and blood discharges are very occasional now.  A special thanks to Julie and Angela, the animal herbalist, for the special herbal formula so generously donated to help her healing. The Horse Herbalist

A big thank you to the very kind locals who donated lovely healthy young chickens to replace the ones lost during the attack. They are settling happily into their new home and should start laying soon. Dear old Ronaldo, our retired gentlemanly rooster, thinks they are wonderful and is constantly strutting around to make sure they are happy and feeding well.

The first stage of our security surveillance system has been installed, and stage two will be going in soon.

We will be doing some overdue repairs and upgrades to our animal systems, housing and fences over the coming months.

Please don’t hesitate to drop by and say hello to Polly and her feathered friends. We are open Wed-Sun 10-4.

The attackers will be appearing before Lismore court again Feb 21, we anticipate a date might be set for the case if the police have the forensic results in.

Thanks and deep gratitude from all the crew at Djanbung Gardens for all your support.

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