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Toni Robinson visiting Djanbung Gardens, March 2014
Toni Robinson visiting Djanbung Gardens, March 2014
Toni Robinson visiting Djanbung Gardens, March 2014

After Toni Robinson completed the Certificate IV in Permaculture  with PCA at Djanbung Gardens  in 2011, she lived and worked on permaculture projects in Thailand for almost 2 years. In March 2014  returned to her home bioregion in rural NSW, Australia, as a  presenter and facilitator in this inspiring workshop with broadacre farmers searching for sustainable solutions. Here are extracts from her blog.

Out of the dust emerges ‘Oasis Yarraman’

A ‘think-tank’ weekend for regenerating rural communities and broad-acre in Bingara, NSW

Just when we thought all hope was lost for rural Australian broadacre farmers with earth degrading agricultural practices turning agriculture into agribusiness, with a burst of light and inspiration emerges a group of aging farmers, looking for a better way. There’s no money in agriculture anymore … no life either. On March 2nd and 3rd 2014, in the dining room of a local Bingara farmer’s home, a ground breaking think-tank workshop was held to delve into the realms beyond current agricultural practices… permaculture.


The workshop was short and comprehensive, highly interactive and stimulating, thought provoking and empowering. In the room of 20, we shared a plethora of knowledge, skills and information which culminated in some very interesting goals and solutions.

The purpose: What to do with a low energy broad-acre cattle farm to create a standout 21st century inspiration which will draw interest, enthusiasm and excitement back to the land and local area. The trick is … they only have 5 years to initiate it! Gary and Linda will move into their home in the local town to retire, but why not do something interesting with their land in the meantime, that can fertilize the community and keep excitement and pride in rural towns?

Toni presented her experience working with Permaculture Projects in Thailand  and explained how to maximize community, local resources, profit and happiness by using permaculture ethics, principles and techniques such as integrated animal and fodder systems, holistic management, effective water systems, forest gardening, waste recycling, and self-reliant energy. She also explained why ‘Permaculture’ appeals to young people, as opposed to the disconnection the young have with ‘Agriculture’.

Toni is now living in France, learning a new language and exploring permaculture applications in the European environment and cultural landscape.

Read Toni’s full inspiring report of the Bingara workshop and outcomes

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