Refresher PDCs at Djanbung

In the spirit of furthering excellence in the permaculture movement, PCA offers a special discount for refresher courses.  Irrespective of when, where or who you may have previously completed a certified PDC (Permaculture Design Course) with, we provide a limited number of places in the PDCs held at Djanbung Gardens for permaculturists to participate in a refresher course.

Why a refresher?

Most people doing their first PDC find it contains a lot of information and material to take in. For many it takes several years to fully internalise the permaculture way of systems thinking and the broad spectrum of permaculture applications.  The concept of refresher courses was initially proposed at the first International Permaculture Convergence in 1984, where the protocols and agreements regarding permaculture education were formalised and agreed to by the college of graduates and the Permaculture Institute. One of these agreement was to offer refresher PDCs to graduates who wish to upgrade, update and consolidate their permaculture knowledge to embark on teaching and consulting work. It was also originally recommended that people wanting to teach PDCs do a refresher course first. At IPC-1 it was also recommended that for refresher PDCs the tuition component of the course fee be waived, but that all other course costs be paid, and the refresher participant play a proactive role supporting the course trainers and be a resource person for course participants.

Benefits of doing a refresher

Our experience has been that participants doing a refresher PDC have actually gained more from their second time round.  Being familiar with much of the material and concepts, they have honed in on the detail content and also gained many valuable insights regarding teaching methods. Also each teacher brings their own unique experience into their courses and have different teaching techniques and resources for sharing information and structuring the course. Even a course with the same teacher or institute may contain new material in a subsequent course, or may have different guest speakers and updated content to expand your knowledge and experience.

Refresher courses with PCA

Permaculture College Australia is committed to continuous improvement and keeping course content up to date with related new developments in earth science, sustainable and regenerative farming and land-use practices, social movements and permaculture initiatives from around the world.  We are also committed to mentoring the next generation of permaculture educators and practitioners and as such offer not only PDC refreshers, but also conduct specialist advanced courses for professional development in a range of permaculture applications.

Robyn Francis is regarded internationally as one of permaculture’s leading educators and heads the teaching team for PCA at Djanbung Gardens. Her PDC curriculum adheres to the integrity of the full PDC requirements and brings an international perspective balanced with practical local application of permaculture living and working in community.  Robyn was personally mentored by Bill Mollison in the 1980s, who encouraged her to develop her unique syllabus based on the original PDC curriculum and to maintain currency with new developments and science.  She has also developed excellent course resources including a comprehensive PDC Handbook, now translated into French and Mandarin, for her PDC course participants.

To qualify for a refresher PDC discount you need to provide proof of having successfully completed your initial PDC and tell us why you are wanting to do the refresher course and how you hope it will further your permaculture work.  The refresher discount is $500 off the full course fee — not the early bird discounted fee, however if you register and pay  by the early-bird deadline you will receive an additional $50 discount.

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