Soil, Nutrition, Integrated Pest & Weeds PG-2


The Permaculture Gardener – Online Course Series
Learn to grow an Abundance of Food Year-Round for Self-reliance
using permaculture principles and techniques


Module 2:  Integrated Soil, Nutrition, Pest & Weed Management
with Angela Skehan

Dates: June Sat 27  & July Sat 4
2 Online Sessions each day :9.30-11am and 11.30-1pm

Successful gardening begins with healthy soil. This 2-day module will deepen your appreciation and understanding of soil as a living system, simple soil tests you can do, organic soil improvement and plant nutrition. You will be introduced to different techniques and management strategies including crop rotation and companion planting plus a special session on organic integrated pest and weed management.

Sat 27, June
9.30-11 am •
Getting to know your soil as a living system
11.30-1 pm • Soil care, regeneration and crop nutrition

Sat 4, July
9.30-11 am • Bed preparation techniques, mulches, crop rotation, companion planting
11.30-1 pm • Integrated Organic Pest & Weed management

Course teacher:
Angela Skehan is a highly experienced certified organic market gardener and valued member of the PCA teaching team. She is passionate about organic food production and soil care and gardening with natural processes.

Course Fee:  $95 includes tuition, course notes and e-resources, plus 2 weeks access to video recordings of online classes
Registrations close Wed 24th June.  Numbers are limited

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