Together we can Permaculture Australia

The Australian permaculture community has been engaged in a dialogue and collective planning process for a national representative body. Building on discussions and participatory planning processes at national convergences over the past 5 years, 2010 saw a concerted effort from a number of groups to nut things out and make headway.


Here is a proposed framework using the existing legal structure of Permaculture International Ltd (PIL), to undergo a name change to Permaculture Australia (Ltd), introduce new forms of membership and update its constitution to meet the diverse needs of permaculture people, projects and groups in Australia

Please follow this link to view the full presentation which is posted on Google docs

This document presents a more comprehensible graphic and less wordy overview of the proposed first phase restructuring than a lengthy written report. This is a first phase which is aimed to facilitate a wider, more inclusive membership plus the establishment of a reprsentative Permaculture Australia Council and a steering group/committee to coordinate the design and onging transition from what exists to what will be.

There is a permacultureaustralia discussion group which is specifically dedicated to the dialogue about our national body. You are encourage to join this group if you’re interested in engaging with the discussion, contributing and following the unfolding of our collective design. This will be the forum where the details will be worked through.

Please note, there is also a survey you can participate in open for input until end of March 2011.


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