Update on Polly’s recovery

An update on Polly’s recovery. Since Wednesday Polly’s been resting and sleeping most of the time and just getting up for food. We’ve been giving her Rescue Remedy and treating her face wounds with Calendula oinment and they are healing well. Her other injuries will take more time.

We’ve been overwhelmed with the love, support and generosity from the local community and friends from all around the world, many who personally know Polly.

On Friday a box of lovely fresh fruit and vegies was delivered for Polly to help her heal – this thoughtful gift was from the staff at Nimbin hospital. A big heartfelt thank you from all the Djanbung team, and especially from Polly.

Saturday Polly was still in a lot of pain and was given a follow-up pain killer. It was a very hot day, 36 deg C in the shade. I called her out of her bed for some treats, juicy sweet carrots from the hospital gift box, then showered her with the hose to cool her down. I was pleased to see her back end had stopped bleeding. She really enjoyed the shower then came over and snuffled at some sweet potato stems left from breakfast and looked up at me and nudged the sweet potato stems again. I went and picked her some fresh sweet potato leaves, they’re one of her favourite greens. She immediately tucked into them and wagged her tail. I nearly cried with joy, that was the first time she’s wagged her tail since the incident and a sure sign she’s healing.

Deep gratitude to those who’ve made generous donations towards covering Polly’s vet costs, rebuilding our chicken flock and installing a security system. These will help so much – thank you.

Everybody at Djanbung is slowly recovering from the shock and now preparing for our solstice celebration and ceremony of light to purge the violent shadow that was caste here last week.


Robyn Francis, Dec 19, 2016

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