How do I organize a visit to Djanbung Gardens?

The gardens are open to the public Wednesdays to Saturdays 10.30am-3pm. Self-guided tours are available during open hours. Interpretive guided tours are conducted regularly on Saturdays at 11 am.  Tour fees: Self-guided tour $7 /$5 concession, includes explanatory booklet and map Guided Tours: $20 adult, $15 concession, $5 child, $50 family Group tours and visits …

What is Permaculture College Australia Inc ‘s policy on sharing information with the public?

Permaculture College Australia respects intellectual property under copyright law.  Much of the material on this site such as photos and articles are copyright of the individual author/phtgrapher thus permission should be sought for use. Items posted under Creative Commons are noted accordingly and subject to CC terms and conditions.

Does Permaculture College Australia Inc make a profit and, if so, what is done with it?

Permaculture College Australia Incorporated is a not-for-profit sustainability education organisation. It is a registred not-for-profit association. The College does not aim to make a profit. Course fees are designed to cover basic costs and there is a lot of voluntary input to keep course costs affordable.