Charlie’s Surprise Ukulele Visit

I was having a walk around my home thinking about all the lovely vegetable and flower seedlings that Mel and the gang were planting this week. I was watching them go back and forwards to the newly prepared bed taking tools and seedlings. I was wondering what they planted because they just looked delicious. Last week when I took the walk around the Permaculture Garden, I noticed that all the greens in the vegetable garden were looking good.

So anyway I was deep in thought when  heard Robyn’s voice and another I recognised. Could it be? was it him? I was sure it sounded like him. Yep, it was Charlie. Charlie stayed here a couple of years ago  when my brother Pudgy was here and he done the Permaculture Course. I noticed that he had his Ukulele with him.

Robyn had cheesecake for me, oh yummy and her and Charlie came into my home. Charlie me a song on the ukulele whilst Robyn gave me cheesecake. The song was about me, it was funky, I so love the attention. Robyn got another guy to take photographs and he took lots of them. I gave him something to capture, as I ate the plate as well.

Charlie Mgee singing a song on the ukulele to me.
Charlie Mgee singing a song on the ukulele to me.

IMG_0368 IMG_0364 IMG_0374 IMG_0364 IMG_0355Here’s the fun video of Charlie’s song he made when he was a student at Djanbung – you’ll see my brother Pudge in it. Sad Charlie cant come and play at our open day, he told me he’s off to play in a big festival in England called Glastonbury.



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