Scarecrow Johnny visiting Djanbung Gardens

It was busy in the garden, I was listening to everyone laughing, and I had a look out my house  to see who was there an what they were up to to cause so much hilarity.

I looked over to the gazebo and there was lots of people laughing with a scarecrow. Hmm I didn’t know scarecrows could move, never mind talk. I thought they stood in farmers fields and scared the crows away. This one was moving and grooving.

I watched them coming my way, and I felt another photoshoot coming on. Surely the scarecrow wasn’t coming to see me.  Yep, they all come to my house and I’m glad I don’t have to make them all a cup of tea.

I looked up and the scarecrow was in my house, wow at his red socks. I was positive it was Johnny. He studied Permaculture here, and I seen him everyday. It definitely looked like him but I couldn’t be sure. Sounded like him.  Anyway I had fun with everyone. I get lots of attention, posing for photographs.

I overheard them chatting about the scarecrow being here on open day. That’s coming up soon, I’m quite excited about it. It’s over 3 days 7-9 June, here in the Permaculture College. It’s Robyn’s 20th Year anniversary here at Djanbung Gardens.  Sounds like it’s going to be a ball.

I wonder if Johnny, ooops the scarecrow,  will be wearing the red socks for that. There’s lots of things/activities joyfulness to be had over that weekend, can’t actually wait.

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