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Seedling Stall-Open Day at Djanbung Gardens

20th Anniversary – Want to be part of the action?  Promote your work, skills, projects and products at the Earthling Expo during the Djanbung Gardens 20th Anniversary festivities.  The main Expo days are Saturday and the Monday Funday with Coster. Poster and visual displays can be exhibited for the duration of the 3 day event.

The Earthling Expo is celebrating our capacity to create positive change — to regenerate land and community with abundance, resilience, conviviality, and in harmony with the earth and our fellow earthlings.

We particularly welcome stalls, displays, talks and workshops related to permaculture, organics, sustainable living and enterprise, community and transition initiatives, and traditional survival skills.  Especially welcome are

  • people who have trained or taught at Djanbung Gardens or with PCA
  • local enterprises and initiatives, growers, provider of renewable and sustainable goods and services
  • natural crafters, artisans and traditional trades
  • local and bioregional community and special interest groups

STALLS – please register your interest in setting up a stall to promote and/or sell your products. Spaces are 2x2m and 3x3m. Please complete the Form before May 30. Most stalls will be located along the expo promenade on the forest edge opposite the garden and visual exhibition. Stall holders are encouraged to put up a visual display opposite their stall as part of the 3-day exhibition. Stalls must be set up before 9.30am on Saturday and/or 9.30 Monday morning. Limited vehicular access but we have wheelbarrows and hand cart available to help transfer your stall gear on site. In the spirit of sharing, there is no fixed stall fee, but a donation of a percentage of sales to PCA would be appreciated.

EXHIBITS – Set up a visual exhibit and display, posters and banners showing your work, promoting your project or organisation on the new bamboo garden fence opposite the stalls along the Expo promenade. Displays can be tied or taped to the bamboo structure. Please ensure all exhibits are water resistant (e.g. laminated, painted,  vinyl) as it is in the open. Exhibits will be shaded by the forest so there are no issues regarding sun damage. The bamboo structure is 2m high and over 100m long – plenty of space for all. We encourage you to leave your visual display up for the full three day event for maximum exposure.

WORKSHOPS, DEMONSTRATIONS and TALKS – Saturday open day and Expo has 30 minute sessions for workshops, presentations and talks. Demonstrations can be time scheduled in the official program or given spontaneously as part of a permanent stall or display booth. Please register your workshop topic  for the program.

Sunday Dreaming – there will be open space time for story-telling – sharing your journey and experiences as an agent of change. Helpful but not essential to register, just be there…. 10 min story and open mike spots.

Monday Funday with Costa will be more for fun and lighthearted activities, unusual traditional skills and crafts, entertainment, workshops for kids and all ages. Please register and let us know what you’d love to do.

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