Wee Adventure to the Muddy Grass

Polly pigging out on taro in the carriage garden

It was quiet in the gardens over the weekend because everyone was at the Muddy Grass. That’s all I’ve heard people chat about for the last couple of weeks. First the cars started arriving. People from all over parking along the road, then the music started, I could hear it from the Thursday night, good music though. Sounded like a busy Nimbin.

I was getting my breakfast on the Saturday Morning and the gang were chatting about shifts as Jungle Patrol at this Muddy Grass. They were chatting about the 4.20 parade. I was hoping  they hurried back because I get my dinner at 5pm. I’ll need to ask what Jungle Patrol is….. I’d like to have been asked to do Jungle Patrol, I can walk about the  Muddy Grass no problem.  Next year I’m going to volunteer, it sounded like fun.

Ha, I woke up on Sunday morning and my gate was open….. Well what do you think I done, yep, I went for a wee adventure around the permaculture gardens to see if I could find this Muddy Grass. I decided to take a walk to see what the ducks were up to, then wandered over towards the classroom, hmmm, no Muddy Grass, so I took a walk up towards the carriages.

Polly pigging out on taro in the carriage garden
Polly pigging out on taro tubers in the carriage garden

It was such a beautiful morning and so far I hadn’t been spotted. I was well on my way towards this Muddy Grass. I got up to the carriages and decided to eat the Yams, then head over and sniff out the Home Brew.

I was in the middle of digging the yams up when I was spotted, Esther startled me when he said “Hello Polly, what you doing here”?, he took off and Mark came out, then left. I was deciding what to do next when Mel came out with the best treat ever.

I happily took the walk back to my house knowing the bread was the reward. Ok so I didn’t get to this Muddy Grass but hey I had a great wee adventure and a tasty treat.


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