Juicy Banana trunk slices from the Fruit Forest

I got the best treat ever, Banana Stem Slices. These slices are probably my favourite treats. I watched the team as they chatted about getting the machetes to harvest the Bananas from a big Banana plant in the Fruit Forest.

The Banana stems are quite wide, and juicy and heavy. The heaviness in the Banana Stem comes from the water and the fibres because there is NO woody material in these Banana ‘Trees’. Robyn told me bananas don’t grow on trees at all, that the banana plant is a very big herb.

Another season has come and gone here at Djanbung Gardens, and the last lovely sweet Banana bunch harvested and I get to enjoy the stem. Of course everyone was so careful during the harvest to not damage the baby suckers that will grow next year’s banana bunch.

I didn’t know much about bananas and didn’t realise they were so good for me, I just knew they were tasty, so I done some research.

Here’s some information I found.


The gang brought me back the Banana slices all chopped up into juicy thick slices. Oh they were so tasty. I noticed they put the rest aside, more for me later.

Bananas Harvest Bananas Harvest Polly eating the Banana Slices. Polly eating the Banana Slices from the Banana Harvest 1 Polly eating the Banana Slices from the Banana Harvest 2



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