Open day, June 2009

Open Day Report from a Colombian perspective – June 13th 2009

The students had been planning and organizing this day from the beginning of the year, it is the biggest day of the year for Djanbung Gardens.
All the Permaculture magic comes out and invades the garden with color, beautiful people, delicious smells coming from the canteen, and the bang of the gong letting us know that Djanbung Gardens was ready for its Open Day.
Students prepared different presentations based on the Permaculture principles. The day started with Troy Dunn leading the tour around the garden, then, the well attended What is Permaculture? presentation, offered by Brad Curtis; in the mean time the canteen started serving some of the delicious pumpkin soup and greens from the garden,   the fresh orange juice, coffee and tea were accompanied with home baked biscuits, apple cake, chocolate vegan cake, carrot cake . Following Brad’s presentation, James Creagh gave a talk introducing bees, it was an exciting and inspiring lecture. Sita outdoors, gave a talk about Permaculture Design. Tracey’s presentation was having effect without giving the talk, they sold four chook tractors. Her presentation was about introducing chooks in Permaculture, it was outdoors with beautiful weather.  
The afternoon started with another tour around the garden led by Janelle, in the mean time the kids were entertained by the puppet show. Outdoors the people was getting hot while they were learning how to make a no dig garden from Liam’s talk, but indoors some other people attended the Bioregionalism talk given by Luis Vilugron. As soon the tour finished, the Conscious Home and Health Products presentation began, it was fun! One of the presenters got the citrus avocado mask on her face, and that was how the talk about using herbs, the comfrey ointment recipe and many other natural tips were given. Troy and I emphasized the use of ingredients which are natural, easy to grow, low cost and environmentally friendly. People then gathered for the final activity which was Bush Food Tour with Peter Hardwick. That gave the students the signal to start the bump down, which ended with a beautiful fire next to the carriages. Everybody was feeling happy about how the day went.
For the following Open Day, I reckon that more food should be cooked; it seems that the canteen is the biggest fund collection, so no matter if food has to be frozen. A survey should also be handed out or even better a face to face chat with the aim of finding out what kind o f people are attending these kind of events, what they know about Permaculture, if they have a garden or not. Another thing that should be done is to follow not just the program for the day, but also the canteen schedule. And one last thing is that everybody should confirm what their presentation is going to be about and not change their mind on the same day.
It was a wonderful experience; I enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it.
Happy Nana Banana
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