Permaculture Kids Album

Charlie Mgee, graduate of PCA, Djanbung Gardens, is fundraising to complete a special fun album of music for kids to inspire and educate about permaculture and what they can do to care for the earth.

For the past three years, since completing his studies here, Charlie’s band, Formidable Vegetable Sound System has been touring the world bringing the permaculture message to young people in song. He’s performed at major festivals in Europe and Australia, including the famous Glastonbury Festival in UK and BOOM Festival in Portugal.

Charlie is excited about his project “After releasing two albums (Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual (2013) and Radish Beets (2015)), we’ve decided that the people who most need to learn about this stuff are KIDS! Therefore, we’ve decided to gear a brand new bunch of electroswing/funk ukulele tunes around getting ideas about growing good food, good vibes and good fun across to children (and adults too!)

With song titles like Break It Down (Compost Song), Free Range and Kimchi! we’re hoping to make a light-hearted, inspiring album aligned with the permaculture ethics of ‘Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share’ combining practical nuts ‘n bolts advice with deeper ideological lessons such as seeing oneself as a part of the whole. “

Charlie promises “this will be no feeble ‘plinky-plonky’ children’s album! We’ve teed up with some of the finest musicians and producers we know to make sure that it’s some of the best music your kids have ever heard!” Featured artists will include Michael Barker (John Butler Trio, Split Enz) on drums, Mal Webb (Oxo Cubans & legend in his own lunchbox!) on horns & bass, Kylie Morrigan (Orchestra Victoria) on violin and quirktastic electronic production from Spoonbill.

All that’s missing is a few more funds to make this vision a reality. Please check out the crowd-funding site HERE for more information and pre-purchase your copy of Charlie’s new album.


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