Tale of Two Communities – driving solutions

Here are two very inspiring stories of mainstream communities thinking outside the box to create collaborative solutions to local sustainability issues in Goulburn and Geelong. The Tale of Goulburn Valley…  “Our agenda is food sovereignty, food sustainability. This is what we are creating with this broad community cooperative.”

Monbiot: Our response to the problem of invasive species

Did you know that 90 potentially invasive plant species are being sold in nurseries in Australia? George Monbiot ducsussesthe problem of our govenments’ reluctance to deal effectively with ecologically harmful plant and animal species: http://www.monbiot.com/archives/2010/10/04/the-aliens-are-coming/

Regenerative Aid and Building Resilience – Beyond Sustainability

Robyn Francis writes about the Permaculture approach to development and aid. The focus of permaculture working with communities in need, is to build resilience, empower people to solve their own problems, and to regenerate damaged environments to health and abundance.

Learning from Cuba’s Footprint

Target ONE EARTH – Living Within Our Footprint and What we can Learn from Cuba Robyn Francis reports on her visit to Cuba to experience ‘first hand’ the only nation on earth living within its ecological footprint. We can live better with less – Cuba shows us how…

Do Nothing, or as Little as Possible

Efficient, labour saving, low maintenance, user-friendly are catch-cries we hear all the time, yet how much unnecessary work do we create for ourselves, often without even being aware of it? Eliminating unnecessary work is intrinsic to good permaculture design.