Developing Community Resilience & Facilitating Sustainable Change

Initiating and developing community gardens, transition towns and community sustainability programs is a people-oriented process that requires not only organisational skills but a diverse ‘tool kit’ for inclusive community facilitation. Permaculture College Australia specialises in training  community facilitators as effective agents of change.

PDC Hosted in Indigenous Village

  Another First for Permaculture in Tawian After successfully hosting the first Permaculture Design Course in Taiwan in 2008, Earth Passengers, an environment group based in Taipei, has forged ahead breaking new ground. This year’s PDC was the first to be hosted by and conducted in an Indigenous Taiwanese village community.

Learning from Cuba’s Footprint

Target ONE EARTH – Living Within Our Footprint and What we can Learn from Cuba Robyn Francis reports on her visit to Cuba to experience ‘first hand’ the only nation on earth living within its ecological footprint. We can live better with less – Cuba shows us how…

The Underground Gardens of Fresno, California

This was a grand adventure for a day off during the PDC in Southern California, a trip to Fresno to visit the amazing underground gardens. Created by Baldassare Forestiere in the early 1900’s, this 10 acre underground labyrinth was hand dug over 40 years with a pick, shovel and wheelbarrow.

Permaculture Launched in Taiwan

Permaculture Launched in Taiwan Taiwan is embracing permaculture with the first Permaculture Design Course starting Oct 26 in Taipei. Robyn Francis has been invited to Taiwan to conduct the course which will be translated into Chinese. The course organiser, Peter Morehead of Earth Passengers NGO, based in Taipei,  is very excited about training a team …

Shaping the Future

The call to become an effective agent of change There is a rising tide of awareness of an urgent need to change, which has been accelerating rapidly over the past 12 months. Most people now accept the reality of climate change, and it’s connection to increasing droughts, water crises and extreme weather events, and accept …

Amazon Permaculture Field Trip

The Amazon Permaculture outreach centre at Boa Vista

I can’t imagine a better way to be lost on the Amazon than in the company of 35 international permaculture delegates on a boat with a week’s supply of food on board. Yes, the pilot got us lost several times during the journey from Manaus to the permaculture project near Boa Vista, so what should …

Taste the Bush in the Backyard

“Good food is at the heart of bushfood permaculture.” “Local native species conservation takes on a new and more immediate meaning. Some bushfoods are amazingly productive, with the added advantage of being packed with intense, wild flavours. It’s just the beginning of a rediscovery process” – Peter Hardwick